Digital Multi-Range Portable Meter

MECO Digital Multi-Range Portable Meters are ideal for continuous AC TRMS and DC measurements. These precision meters are of Class 0.5 and have a backlight display with annunciators for ease of reading.

The meters can be used in horizontal, vertical or inclined position and there are no parallax errors. These are housed in a strong, compact  and rugged casing with a tilt handle for ease of carrying. These are designed using  advanced microcontrollers and SMT technology and there are no moving parts which could cause loss of accuracy or errors.

There are 4 models, one each  for A AC, A DC, V AC and V DC. Each model has 5 ranges thereby eliminating the need for having separate instrument for each range. There is overload indication and overload protection against accidental misuse. USB connectivity and user interface software is provided for ease of data handling and analysis.

These Digital Multi-Range Portable Meters are most suitable for use in Laboratories, Engineering Schools/ Colleges Workshops and Field Measurements Applications for continuous use and can serve as a master standard meter for verification or re-calibration of secondary standard meters.


  • Precision Class 0.5
  • TRMS Measurement
  • Microcontroller Design (No Moving Parts)
  • Backlight Display with Annunciators (No Parallax Errors)
  • USB Port (Standard) with User Interface Software (Optional)
  • Data Hold,AutoPowerOff andLowBatterylndication
  • Overload lndication
  • Strong Rugged Casing with Tilt Stand